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Since we have so many new members, there have been many requests that all Shalom Club Members wear a badge with their name on their shirt/blouse.

All members will receive a printed name badge in a pin-on plastic holder with their on it.  Those members wanting something more durable, not pinned through clothing, may order badges like the one shown below.  The badges are engraved plastic held on with a strong magnet.  Magnetic name badges can be ordered directly from Mikey Hodgden at Eagle Laser Engraving in Sun City Grand. Mikey's address is: 16025 W Kino Dr, SCG, 623-933-5900. He is hard of hearing so email him your request. We recommend you use his phone number only as needed for confirmation. He usually has orders ready in a day or two.

Badges are $6.00 each and may be picked up at the address listed above.  If you have any questions regarding the badges, please call Darlyne Posternack,‭ (847) 347-8766‬  or email: