Benefits for Mentors
Mentoring is more than the transfer of knowledge, insights and advice. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest their time in onboarding new club members. As well as the personal satisfaction of sharing their positive and meaningful club experiences with them.
Some key benefits for Mentors include:
§  Recognition as a key go-to-person and role model for new members
§  Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches
§  Opportunity to reflect on their own club goals and experiences

Benefits for our Shalom Club
§  Cultivate our community of inclusiveness
§  Foster a culture of continued growth and prosperity

SCG Shalom Club
New… Club Member Mentoring Program

Joanne & Jay Goldberg will lead this endeavor

Members who would like to avail themselves of this program, either to assist with mentoring or to be mentored,

please contact the Goldberg’s or 623-556-5511


Mentoring in our Shalom Club will have exceptional value to New Members… and, it does not magically happen without some help... Having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced club member can provide a new club member with a sense of inclusiveness that they are truly welcome in our Shalom Club family. 

This experience all begins with:
§  Joanne & Jay matching up the Mentors with Mentees
§  A welcome call from Joanne & Jay to the new members… to let them know who will be

    mentoring them

Then, our experienced club members will contact their new members to:
§  Set a date for them to meet and get together (maybe for coffee)
§  Make it easier for a new member not to feel new or lost at first
§  Help them navigate through different aspects of the club, at… monthly
    meetings, social activities, special events, etc.
§  Learn new member’s interests
§  Expose them to insights about the club
§  Help them learn how all the parts of the club work
        o   How to use the Website: Sign Ups, Roster, etc.
        o   Volunteering to be on a committee
        o   Hosting a Social
        o   Offering suggestions for Monthly Meetings