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The difference between Social Activities and Monthly Programs is that the Social Activities are done (usually) at an off-site venue.  This could be a restaurant, tour of a facility or museum etc... organized by a single/couple/group of members.

Monthly programs are our regular monthly meeting programs.  We usually meet the second Monday of each month and have some sort of program whether it is a lecture, Bingo/Ice Cream Social, movies, singer(s), musical groups, or just an entertainer(s) doing what he/she/they do best.


   Sign-Up & Wait List Procedures to Follow:

  • Couples or partners may sign each other and their guests up to attend on Sign-Up Sheets
  • Members should never sign - up other members to Attend or to Wait List
  • Remove your name(s) from a Sign-Up Sheet when you cannot attend
  • Add your name to the Wait List, when Sign-Up Allotment is full
  • Members should never move names up from the Wait List to Attend List
  • Only officers or coordinators will move names up from the Wait List to Attendee List

Monthly Programs

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