Sign-Up & Wait List Procedures to Follow:

  • Couples or partners may sign each other and their guests up to attend on Sign-Up Sheets
  • Members are never permitted to sign up other members to Attend or Wait List
  • Remove your name(s) from a Sign-Up Sheet when you cannot attend
  • Add your name to the Wait List, when Sign-Up Allotment is full
  • Members are never permitted to move names up from the Wait List to Attend List
  • Only officers or coordinators will move names up from the Wait List to Attendee List

Monthly Programs

Monthly programs are our regular monthly meeting programs.  We usually meet the second Monday of each month and have some sort of program whether it is a lecture, Bingo/Ice Cream Social, movies, singer(s), musical groups, or just an entertainer(s) doing what he/she/they do best.

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The difference between Social Activities and Monthly Programs is that the Social Activities are done (usually) at an off-site venue.  This could be a restaurant, tour of a facility or museum etc... organized by a single/couple/group of members.