After you select your Show & Theater and have all the Details:

  • Email or call our Social Chairperson, Robbi Zuckerbrow,, 602-904-1900 to let her know the details of your Theater Evening (name & address of Theater, date and time, cost of tickets, etc.)

​​      Robbi will:
         1. Request the Webmaster post the information on the website and create a Sign Up sheet for the event 
         2. Send out a blast to the Shalom Membership about the Luncheon, Details and Sign Up on the Web

Given the deadline for the final payment to the Theater...  you should call the Theater to confirm how many will actually be attending (the final headcount); to confirm the final amount due and payment


CLICK the button below to Sign Up to Host an evening at the Theater 

from the Shalom Club Wish List  of theaters members wanted to attend

Call the Theater for all the Details...

  • Check on Availability (dates, seating and location)
  • Ask:

         1. What are the group rates?
         2. Are there different rates for different size groups?
         3. Do we need a deposit (how much), by when?
         4. What date is the final attendee count and payment is due?
         5. What is the Theater's Cancellation Policy​​?

How about HOSTING an Evening at the Theater


CLICK the button below to ADD a Theater of your choice where you will  HOST, along with the Details 

    1.  Name of Theater

     2.  Date and Showtime 

     3.  Cost of theater tickets (group rate or not)

     4.  Transportation (car pool and location

- Think about a show you would like to see in the Theater of your Choice

- Click the button below to preview a 'Wish List' of Theaters members wanted to attend

- Decide if you will HOST your own Show & Theater or a Show & Theater from the 'Wish List'