ARE YOU UP FOR ADVENTURE... What Peaks Your Interest ?

HOST A Special Attraction or Tour or Event

NEXT STEPS: After you decide what you will HOST and have all the DETAILS

1.  Email or call our Social Chair, Robbi Zuckerbrow,, 602-904-1900.

2.  Let her know the all the DETAILS of your Special Attraction or Tour (event name, transportation,

     address, date, times, cost, deadline to make payment, check payable to, your address etc.)

​​ Robbi will:
    1. Request the Webmaster ADD your info to the website & create a Sign Up Sheet for the event 
    2. Send out a blast to the Membership with all the Details on your Event & Sign Up on the Web

Do you have a favorite place you would like to visit in or around Arizona...  OR, do you have some time to scout around, either by phone, by internet or car to research hosting a Group Tour... it could be a day trip, a bus trip, or possibly an overnight tour or whatever you'd like it to be?

Option 1

CLICK the button below to view our Member Wish List' of Tours and Museums they would like to see

Option 2

​​You can also research and coordinate Your Own Tour That's of Interest to You...

  • Pick a month and date that's convenient for you
  • Consider adding an Eatery or Not to your Tour (maybe lunch or dinner)
  • Hosts running Socials deal directly with the vendors, museums, tour guides, etc.
  • Member checks for Socials are payable to the Host
  • Give enough lead time for people to Sign Up, Pay, Mail or Drop checks off to you

CLICK the button below to ADD your Tour Information​, then go to NEXT STEPS