After you select the restaurant for your month

  • Email or call our Social Chairperson, Robbi Zuckerbrow,, 602-904-1900 to let her know the details of your Luncheon (restaurant name & address, date and time)

​​      Robbi will:

         1. Request the Webmaster post the information on the website and create a signup sheet for the event 

         2. Send out a blast to the Shalom Membership about the Luncheon and Sign Up on the Web

About a week before the luncheon you will want to call the restaurant and confirm to

them how many will actually be attending.

Think about a restaurant that you enjoy...

Select which month and day that would work best for you to HOST your Luncheon

  • As you make your date selection please check the Social Activities List to make sure there are no conflicts 
  • Note: The restaurant should have the following criteria:
       - Be able to accommodate approximately 20-30 ladies (depending on what month you sign up for)
       - Must allow separate checks

Call the Restaurant

  • Let them know we will be about 20-30 ladies
  • Ask what is the maximum number they can accommodate so we don't overbook the restaurant, especially during the winter months when the snowbirds are here, at which time we can have up to 40+ ladies join us
  • Ask if Gratuity is automatically added on each check... and  if so... what is the percentage i.e. 15%, 20%


   -  It's fun to have the restaurant near something to do afterwards.  This is just a suggestion; it's not

      mandatory... it's yours to plan.  It can be just a lunch gathering as well.

  It can be difficult to talk to each other at a very long table... so, it's nice to have a restaurant that will

      allow us to sit at smaller tables.  Again, this is a suggestion not mandatory... we have done both and it's

      worked  out fine in both situations.

1. Put your name on the Sign Up Sheet (click on the pink button below)

2. Add your email address and best phone number to reach you​

3. Tell us the month, date, time and restaurant you would like to have your luncheon